Many Nights. Many Worlds. The Myriadu.

The Butcher of Porwia: Book One

Her galactic empire is in turmoil. Will her attempts to save it push it to the brink of collapse?

Princess Serina is out for revenge. Driven to destroy the rebels who slaughtered her family, she risks her declining health to prioritize her deadly mission. So when her trusted mentor shares intel of an imminent attack, Serina puts her people’s future on the line to pursue deserved justice.

Waiting at the outer limits of controlled space for the rumors to bear fruit, the empress-to-be suffers worsening physical ailments and sleep-depriving nightmares. But she remains unaware of a throne-stealing conspiracy building strength back home until a shocking betrayal threatens her heart… and her life.

With enemies filling the surrounding shadows, will her faith blind her to the danger?

On the Outward Edge is the riveting first novella in The Butcher of Porwia space opera series. If you like character-driven science fiction, fast-paced drama, and nail-biting cliffhangers, then you’ll love this thrilling adventure among the stars.

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