Many Nights. Many Worlds. The Myriadu.

The Butcher of Porwia: Book Two

He made a bold plan to destabalize the Core. It almost worked.

For seventeen years, Paul Katorana and the rebels have been on the run and hiding. They’ve been vilified by the Core as terrorists willing to do anything to gain power. Paul has been in charge for less than a year since his father’s death. He concocted a bold scheme, one that would certainly bring down the corrupt central government. It was all going well, until it suddenly went wrong.

Serina Starfire clings to life, unaware of what’s happening around her or the consequences of her actions back in the Core. While her body heals, she can’t escape her dreams or the truth behind them.

Zul grapples with a new plan as the fallout from the Outward Edge reaches him. What lengths will he go to keep the Core stable, and himself in power?

False Signals is the second book in a series of five novellas capturing the critical moments of the fourth era, the Core Galactic Empire, in the Myriadu universe.

Coming June 30, 2023