Many Nights. Many Worlds. The Myriadu.

The Butcher of Porwia: Book Two

Survival or revenge? For Serina, it isn’t even a choice.

Serina Starfire, trapped and shut off from all she’s known, is forced to choose between survival and revenge. The first means relying on her mortal enemy, the second means certain death.

Paul Katorana, leader of the rebels, succeeded in his most daring mission. But that success came with an unexpected consequence, one that threatens not only his leadership but the entire rebellion.

Chancellor Zul makes the final adjustments to his new plan. Confident he’s in total control, he presses forward. But will his arrogance lead him to a fateful mistake?

False Signals is the second book in a series of five novellas capturing the critical moments of the fourth era, the Core Galactic Empire, in the Myriadu universe.

Coming November 2022