Ready for a space adventure?

Reby, Jemy, and RJ are set to launch their third and most profitable expedition on their ship the Demption. They’re Taries, independent traders who explore beyond the bounds of human civilization. Alien artifacts sell the best, so they’re going farther out than any other Tary has been. Their list of targets is set. Their supplies loaded. But will they stop knocking heads long enough to survive what they find on Target 10?

What is Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is Amazon’s new platform for reading serialized stories. If you’ve heard of Radish or Royal Road, it’s the same thing only Amazon style.  

You can read episodes (that’s what each story installment is called) in the Kindle App on iOS or on the Amazon website (Android app TBA). The first three episodes are free. Each episode after that can be purchased with tokens through the app. 

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