Many Nights. Many Worlds. The Myriadu.

Discover Serials of the Myriadu

Abandoned planets. Alien artifacts. Teeny-tiny living spaces.Three explorers with their own agendas.

What could go wrong?

Reby, Jemy, and RJ are cruising way out beyond known space. They’ve got a list of targets to scavenge for alien artifacts and debts waiting for them when they get back. If they get back. . . 

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An adventure fantasy series following a mage with a unique ability to sense other people’s magic. She takes a job to break into the chamber of power, a mythical place said to hold the power of a thousand suns. If she survives long enough to find it, will it destroy her?

This story is based on a series of freewrites, each one written using a prompt. Come on this crazy journey and see what happens.

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