Many Nights. Many Worlds. The Myriadu.

Abandoned planets. Alien artifacts. Teeny-tiny living spaces.Three explorers with their own agendas.

What could go wrong?

Reby, Jemy, and RJ are cruising way out beyond known space. They’ve got a list of targets to scavenge for alien artifacts and debts waiting for them when they get back. If they get back. . . 

Available on Amazon Kindle Vella and LaterPress.

Lora is an author with attitude, and a history she‘s forgotten. Except she hasn’t, not all of her anyway. She has a thing for bananas and really hates purple ties.

When her fictional and real world collide, events happen she could never imagine. But maybe she can remember.

This limited 13 episode serial is available on Amazon Kindle Vella and Laterpress.