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Target 10: Episode 6 Notes

If you liked this episode, please remember to like and fav! What an adventure the crew has had in this episode. There may someday be

Target 10: Episode 5 Notes

This chapter is a shift in a couple different ways. First, I wanted to explore Jemy’s point of view and hint at what drives his

Target 10: Episode 4 Notes

Thank you for coming back for another episode. I’m grateful and excited to have others going on this journey with me (and the Demption team).

Target 10: Episode 3 Notes

Things get rolling (literally) in this episode. I wanted to show a little more of the ship and a touch of Jemy’s personality. I like

Target 10: Episode 2 Notes

Thank you for reading another episode of Target 10. I hope you’re enjoying getting to know Reby, Jemy and RJ. But things aren’t always what

Target 10: Episode 1 Notes

I’m so excited to share this story. It’s been knocking around in my head for ages, long enough to have hand-written notes and beginning chapters