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What is the Myriadu?

What is the Myriadu? So what is the Myriadu you ask? It’s only the universe. That’s all. Well, the universe that all my stories take

The Joys of Laterpress

I love LaterPress! And it’s not just because I was a finalist in their 2022 Genre Fiction Contest. But you’re probably wondering what it is

Episode 14: RJ Expanded Notes

I can’t tell you how much I agonized over this episode! The first decision was choosing which POV to use. Jemy is so excited it

Target 10: Episode 13 Notes

In this episode, the crew is prepping their shuttle. A beta reader said they imagined something like ones used in Star Trek. If you did

Target 10: Episode 12 Notes

You knew RJ wouldn’t be able to stay quiet, didn’t you? He just can’t help himself. What about Clay? He’s friendly, but in an unsettling