Many Nights. Many Worlds. The Myriadu.

The Joys of Laterpress

I love LaterPress! And it’s not just because I was a finalist in their 2022 Genre Fiction Contest. But you’re probably wondering what it is

Episode 14: RJ Expanded Notes

I can’t tell you how much I agonized over this episode! The first decision was choosing which POV to use. Jemy is so excited it

Target 10: Episode 13 Notes

In this episode, the crew is prepping their shuttle. A beta reader said they imagined something like ones used in Star Trek. If you did

Target 10: Episode 12 Notes

You knew RJ wouldn’t be able to stay quiet, didn’t you? He just can’t help himself. What about Clay? He’s friendly, but in an unsettling

Target 10: Episode 11 Notes

I’m so excited to get this episode out. It’s tense, but it’s also the calm before the storm. We get a peek at the capabilities

Target 10: Episode 10 Notes

This episode is important for a number of reasons. We get a glimpse of Jemy’s past and what is motivating him. He has a huge