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Her galactic empire is in turmoil. Will her attempts to save it push it to the brink of collapse?

On the Outward Edge is the riveting first novella in The Butcher of Porwia space opera series. If you like character-driven science fiction, fast-paced drama, and nail-biting cliffhangers, then you’ll love C.P. Night’s thrilling adventure among the stars.

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Every action, every decision, has a consequence. 

False Signals is the exciting second novella in The Butcher of Porwia space opera series. It picks right up where book one leaves off, and introduces the other side of the story. 

Available 2024. 

Lora is an author with attitude, and a history she’s forgotten.

Meet Lora Roberts. Bestselling author and official recluse. When her fictional and real world collide, strange sanity questioning events have her looking for answers. Two things are for sure though: She has a thing for bananas and really hates purple ties.

Part thriller, part humorous sci-fi novelette, Sanctuary of Mind takes you along for the ride as Lora tries to find her way back to somewhere she knows.