Many Nights. Many Worlds. The Myriadu.

Warning: awkward but funny story incoming.

A spacey night owl. That's me!

“So what do you do?”

An innocent enough question, right? Someone at a party or an old acquaintance I’d bump into at the grocery store would ask what I do for a living. 

“I’m a Lead Modeling and Simulation Engineer,” I’d answer, slow and clear, just to be sure there was never an issue understanding the words. Each one was perfectly fine on its own, but when I strung them together like that, it made people uncomfortable. Whatever words they said in response, their faces and body language always screamed “Sorry I asked.”

I didn’t blame them. It was a mouthful and as easy to explain as when a three-year old asks where babies come from. There’s just no common reference.

So if they didn’t run away (making polite excuses to do so), I’d change the subject and ask about them instead. Usually that worked. ; )

For years I lived in that alternate world – with people who inherently understood the job, the principles, and why such a thing existed in the first place. It had its rewards, but my soul cried out to be free. 

I’m a creative geek, you see.

The right and left side of my brain have been battling for supremacy all my life. Well, for as long as I can remember. After years of choosing to let the left side win (except for the many crafting binges I went on with my daughter), I switched it up and willingly gave the right side control. Bye, bye technical gobbley-gook and hello to “I’m an author.”

But to my surprise, the left didn’t mind the right taking the lead. It took on the support role like someone vying for best supporting actress in a movie. It helps shape and make real the crazy ideas that the creative side of me comes up with. The result?

Science fiction and fantasy stories with great characters that exist in worlds you can believe are real.

I dream of creating a universe you’ll want to visit again and again. I call it the Myriadu. 

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