Many Nights. Many Worlds. The Myriadu.

WARNING: awkward but funny story incoming.

A spacey night owl. That's me!

“So what do you do?”

An innocent enough question, right? Someone at a party or an old acquaintance I’d bump into at the grocery store would ask what I do for a living. 

“I’m a Lead Modeling and Simulation Engineer,” I’d answer, slow and clear, just to be sure there was never an issue understanding the words. Each one was perfectly fine on its own, but when I strung them together like that, it made people uncomfortable.

Now, I say: “I’m an author.” And it makes me so happy to say it. And I imagine you feel more comfortable with it too.  

I write stories with characters you’ll love or love to hate. And I put them in worlds far from our own, in a universe I call the Myriadu (miri-ah-du). If left to my own devices, I’d spend every night writing, trying to fill the ever expanding universe I created. Unfortunately, the rest of the world expects me to be awake during the day, so I end up writing whenever, and wherever, I can.

Still, I steal glimpses of the stars in the clear night skies outside my New England home, soaking up the inspiration of the night. Until my kids pull me back inside for movie night, or game night, or to make them food. I don’t mind though, as they provide lots of ideas and character inspiration. But shhh.  Let’s keep that between us.


Want to get in touch?

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