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Camber of Power Serial

Episode 3: Chamber of Power

This entry is part 3 of 13 in the series Chamber of Power

No magical counter measure would work against the pendulums. That left me with minimal options. The path forward was too narrow to try to avoid them, they swung too low to crawl under, and were too close together to run between them.

That left two options. I had to physically stop them or prevent the others from being triggered. I leaned forward and pressed my hands onto the stone slab that had activated the first blade. Not wanting to end up unconscious again, or dead, I let the magic trickle from my fingers into the air around the stone. It wrapped around it until I found the switch, more by the absence of where the magic wouldn’t go than by directly sensing it. It was a simple mechanical device, as I’d thought, but even with using limited magic, I could feel the protection enhancement pushing against me.

I let the magic spread out over the other stone tiles down the narrow corridor, searching for other spots that pushed it away.

I sat back on my calves. Nothing. The rest of the floor was just floor.

The other triggers must be in the walls, or motion activated. Reaching out, I touched the wall. It was uneven, as if chipped away with a simple pick or axe. I pushed on it with magic. Nothing happened. I grinned. This wouldn’t be so bad after all, but I needed to make sure I had my timing right. And I needed to get clear of the inevitable explosion afterwards. 

I shot three white balls of light, one after the other, down the corridor. Their illumination didn’t last long enough to see anything except a reflection off the first swinging pendulum. I’d be taking my chance on what I’d find once I made it past them. Hopefully, whoever designed this place had intended for someone to get through, if they knew how, otherwise something more deadly might lie just beyond. Again, I hadn’t sensed anything, but I knew now it was designed that way. The builders really wanted to keep magic users like me out. I shoved a thought wondering why that would be down. I was too far in now to go back. And though my reputation was strong, it would take a hit if word got out I gave up. But I just might make Harry pay double for actually putting my life at risk for some unknown bounty.

Rummaging inside my bag, I found my staff. Just a few inches long, it always made me smile. Holding it in my hand next to me, I sent a burst of magic and it extended to its full six feet. The metal was warm and charged with energy.

I heard a shifting behind me. Then a giggle. That’s not good.

Turning around, I swept my staff out in front. Something shuffled back, away out of my reach. I conjured four more orbs of light and pulled my staff back towards me. I got back on my feet and crept forward, staff ready to strike. A few steps and something caught my eye to the left.

A wood doll, with a tiny cap and brown tunic, leaned against the wall. It smiled widely at me with razor-sharp teeth.

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