Many Nights. Many Worlds. The Myriadu.

I can’t tell you how much I agonized over this episode! The first decision was choosing which POV to use. Jemy is so excited it would be fun to get his first impressions of the structure. But I felt that would be predictable. Reby is curious, and irritated, about what sort of tech breached her protocols. Plus she’s supporting Jemy in his desire to make his discovery. Again, I felt it would be too predictable. That leaves RJ.

RJ sees things differently than both of them and is more…unpredictable and raw. So, exploring his experience I thought would be more fun. I hope you found his viewpoint fun too.

And….The moment has come! The mysterious Clay is finally revealed. There’s a lot more to see (and to hint at) now that the crew has made it inside the star structure. I’m excited to share it with you in the coming episodes.

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